A Few Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Technician for a Bed Bug Problem

If you suspect that you have a bed bug problem in your home, you need to contact a professional pest control company immediately. Unlike other pests like ants or cockroaches, bed bugs are difficult to eradicate without the right knowledge and skill. In truth, you can take care of a small insect problem with an off-the-shelf pesticide, but bed bugs are much different. The following are a few reasons to avoid killing the bed bugs yourself.

Pesticides can be dangerous

Most pesticides are dangerous, but when you consider the fact that bed bugs have a tendency to live near where you sleep, spraying a pesticide in this area is dangerous. For this reason, there are special formulas for bed bug spray. They are made to kill bed bugs. No other spray should be used. The problem is that these sprays are made to be safer than other pesticides, but in doing this, they are not effective. Typically, these sprays only work when they are sprayed directly on the insect, so this is mostly useless. Professionals use strong chemicals that are effective. These chemicals are much stronger than what you can buy at a hardware store, but a pest control technician knows how to use them, so they will not endanger you or your family.

Bed Bug Problem

Killing bed bugs is more than using a pesticide

Bed bugs have a tendency to hide in certain areas, so a pest control technician can point out certain areas that need to be cleaned. For example, certain pieces of furniture will need special attention. You will need to take all of the drawers out of a dresser and your end tables, turning them over so you can clean the bottom areas. Also, your clothing will need to be washed as well as all of the linens, bedspreads and blankets you use on your bed.

You are a part of the solution

Although you are not likely to get rid of these pests on you own, you become an important part of the solution. As mentioned already, you will be doing some cleaning, but you will also need to make decisions about your bed. A technician can give advice on what to do with your bed. If the bed is old, it may be easiest to simply dispose of it and buy and new one. Whether you get a new bed or keep your old one, there are plastic mattress bags that will keep out any leftover bed bugs.

Keep in mind that bed bugs are not something that may go away after one visit by a pest control technician. They will first give you instructions on what you need to do, then visit your home to apply the spray. After this visit, they will likely need at least one follow-up visit for another application of pesticide. Be patient, destroying bed bugs takes time.


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