Clever Improvements for Your Unique Home

Your property is one of the most important investments in your lifetime. Both the interior and exterior must be maintained in order to keep up with today’s trends and values. Although your home may be painted and decorated with painstaking detail, there are other improvements to consider. Try these clever improvements to your home that will surely turn heads.

Natural Wind Breaks

If northerly winds tend to whisk through your property, think about natural breaks that can stop these chilly conditions. Trees planted on the north side of your property create a natural break. The winds strike the trees and dissipate. You’ll save on household, energy costs while improving your landscape at the same time. These trees can grow tall and last for several generations. Simply pick a species that’s native to your region. These plants will thrive as your family grows.

Clever Improvements for Your Unique Home

Decking Made Easy

In the past, you may have looked into decking for your backyard. Estimates offered by the professionals could have been extremely expensive at the time because of land contours. Homeowners have other options today, however. Versadjust pedestals are components added to modern decks that can take the contour issues out of your expensive estimate. The pedestals adjust to a wide range of heights so that you can have a flat deck on almost any terrain. These pedestals require a professional’s touch so that they can be properly added into the landscape.

Ridge-Vent Roofing

A more complex improvement involves a roofing project. If your shingles require replacement because of their age, consider a ridge vent at the roof’s peak during the project. This variation on a basic peak allows air to escape from the rooftop as it heats up. Hot air doesn’t remain trapped in the home so you’ll have cooler conditions throughout the year. This improvement is definitely noteworthy if you plan on selling the home in the near future. Be sure to add it to your property-feature list.

Potted-Plant Strategy

You may not have the funds or time to really landscape your property. As a neat alternative, add potted plants to your walkway and porch. Select plants that have complementary colors to your home. Consider seasonal selections to remind visitors of the holidays ahead. These potted plants can be swapped out or moved as desired. They improve the landscape without too much effort on your part.

Many household projects are entirely DIY types today, but match your skill level with the task at hand. If you’re not comfortable with the project, always call a professional as a safe alternative. They’ll complete the project without any issues along the way. Save the simpler tasks for your family who can make the work into a team effort.


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