Four Features to Look for in Portable Salad Bar for a Restaurant

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If you’re the owner of a restaurant, you know that the salad bar can be a popular place for many customers. So, it’s best to purchase a portable salad bar that is going to house all of the delicious items you want to put out for your diners. Checkout four essential features to keep in mind when shopping for a portable salad bar for your eatery.

Easy to Clean

Keeping a salad bar clean prevents bacteria and other germs from coming into contact with its lettuce, cheese, green peppers, eggs and other food items. So, a quality salad bar should be easy to clean with a mild cleaning solution. In addition, when the salad bar needs a more thorough cleaning once a month or so, its parts should be easy to disassemble so the job can be done right.

Four Features to Look for in Portable Salad Bar for a Restaurant

A Variety of Pans

A popular salad bar has a lot of different offerings. There should be a large pan for romaine lettuce and another large one for spinach, so diners have a choice for the foundation of their salad. In addition, there should multiple smaller pans for cheeses, onions, pickles and croutons. The salad dressing bins should be deep and narrow so there’s plenty of space for a variety of flavors on the bar.

Easy to Maneuver

The casters on a portable salad bar should have reliable bearings such as Hudson bearings so the bar can be moved when necessary. A restaurant manager may need to move the bar out of the dining room to clean the carpet or move it to another area where it’s more accessible to guests.


A salad bar with gleaming silver counters, durable glass and great lighting is appealing to diners. It may even convince some diners to add a salad to their meal. In short, an attractive salad bar can contribute to the overall appearance of an eatery.

Lastly, having an attractive salad bar with a lot of options can help build a favorable reputation for your restaurant.


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