Four Steps to Bonding with Your New Dog

Your new pup is in unfamiliar territory, so your task is to bond with your canine companion. Bonding makes your pup feel safe, secure, and comfortable in their new home. Keep reading for four steps to bonding with your new dog and discovering the depths and fun of pet companionship.

Establish a Routine of Regular Walks and Playtimes to Build Trust

Routines build trust because it gives your pup things to expect on a schedule. When you establish a routine, your dog can guess when they will be fed, walked, played with, allowed to relax, and expected to be attentive. Go on regular walks and build a foundation of trust and friendship with playtimes. Rub, snuggle, and cuddle your pup throughout the day to establish feelings of mutual affection.

Four Steps to Bonding with Your New Dog

Tip: On hot days, take your pup for walks, but keep your house cool and comfortable with HVAC Tampa FL. Your pups feel the heat too, so it’s important to implement indoor playtime when hot days become unbearable.

Groom Your Pup to Encourage Feelings of Care and Love

Your pup, like most other living creatures, wants to be loved and cared for. Their mothers showed love and care through thorough grooming and attention to their health and appearance, so you should do the same. Clip their nails, brush their fur, clean their ears, and give them regular baths to showcase your pup-to-owner bond.

Think of Your Dog as a Long-Term Companion

Some people can’t get past the thought that their dog is a possession; something to be owned and told what to do. However, pups are long-term companions and members of your family. They should be treated with love and respect for as long as they live, so be sure you research and are ready for a pet before you delve into getting one. Dogs are companion animals and should be treated as such in a forever home.

Give Your New Pup Space to Explore, Learn, and Feel Comfortable

When you bring a new dog home, your kids will likely want to snuggle that pup immediately. Steer clear of this. Don’t bombard your new canine with too much at once. Tell your kids to sit still and allow your new companion to explore their new space and get comfortable. THEN they can get the cuddles they deserve so they can learn about their human packmates.


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