Make Your Garden Safe for Toddlers Easily

If you are lucky enough to have a garden then this is most likely your toddler’s favourite place in the whole property. You probably get a lot of pleasure out of watching them tottering around happily outside.

Kids love to get out in the fresh air and play in a garden whenever they can. However, this means that it is important to keep your outdoor space as clear of possible hazards as you can.

Garden Safe

Cover Any Pools or Ponds

If you have a pool or pond at home then this is sure to be a big attraction for the little one. This is great when you are there to supervise them but you certainly won’t want them to play there alone.

The simplest solution is to cover the pool or pond in such a way that they can’t get to the water. You might also consider putting up some sort of barrier to stop them from reaching it in the first place.

It only takes a few seconds for disaster to strike when a toddler gets too close to the water while out investigating the garden, so it certainly isn’t worth taking any risks in this respect. Otherwise, you are going to be constantly on edge whenever they are playing out there on their own and get close to the water.

Add a Fence

Easy access to the road is something that is likely to be a big concern for you when there is a toddler wandering about in the garden without a care in the world.  If your child decides to take a wander out to see what is happening then any one of a number of disasters can happen very quickly.

Adding a good fence is the best way of making sure that they stay on your property at all times. You can get started by going to a timber merchant in North Wales to buy the wood you need for your new fence.

The construction job isn’t particularly difficult if you are reasonably experienced at DIY jobs and have some confidence when it comes to working with wood. Otherwise, you might just want to hire someone to put it up for you instead, especially if you are short of time and want it done as quickly as possible.

Either way, getting hold of the fencing supplies in North Wales that you need should be inexpensive, making this a job worth doing as a priority. With a good fence up you can let your kid wander about the garden to their heart’s content without any fear at all.

Put Tools Out of Their Reach

Leaving tools lying around in the garden is something that can lead to potentially dangerous situations for your kids. Even a relatively inoffensive looking tool can cause a lot of damage in the hands of an inquisitive youngster.

This makes it vitally important that you always make sure to put away your tools every time that you use them. This is a habit that you should look to get into by just quickly looking around for anything you have missed when tidying up after working.

Having a shed or some other place to put the tools in every time is the best move you can make. With this sort of storage place there is no reason for anything to be left lying out where it can do harm.

Remove Dangerous Plants

Even the plants in your garden can be very dangerous to toddlers if you have the wrong ones out there. For example, if you have a sharp cactus or something with toxic leaves or fruits then you certainly don’t want them to go exploring it.

If your favourite plant is something that causes you concern then you might not be too keen to get rid of it all together. In this case, perhaps you can move it to somewhere safer or else find a way of blocking the access to it.

By filling your garden with pretty and harmless plants you can make it attractive and also be sure that there is nothing there that could hurt your little one. You can maybe go back to having other types of plants once your child is older and knows which ones to steer clear of.

The safer you can make your garden the more relaxed you will be about your child playing out there on their own. This will help to ensure that it is a fun place that you all get a lot of pleasure out of.


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