Only An ISA-Certified Arborist Can Remove Your Tree Safely

Trees are one of the most enjoyable features of Edmonton’s urban forest. Trees can provide shade for your home and lawn as well as a barrier against cold winter winds. They also filter water and air to reduce soil erosion and greenhouse gases. And did you know that trees have also been shown to reduce stress? Many urban residents find themselves calmer and happier when they are around trees.

However, when homeowners are faced with the reality of a dead or dying tree, they often aren’t sure which course of action to pursue. Removing a tree may seem as an easy job, but the reality is that it can be fatal if you decide to do it yourself without the necessary skills and equipment. The whole process requires a skilled professional who understands various precautions not only to protect themselves but also the structures on your property. You need to seek professional tree removal services to ensure the protection of your property value and the health of your family and neighbours. Remember that only an ISA-certified arborist can remove your tree safely.

Tree Safely

Statistics show that every year there is an average of 200 tree-related injuries in Canada, most of which are fatal. One of the main reasons why you shouldn’t engage in tree removal is because of the high level of danger and complexity associated with the tools involved. Equipment such as wood clippers and chainsaws will be needed to successfully remove a dead tree. These tools are dangerous and can inflict very serious damage in the hands of an amateur. Do not try removing trees on your property, especially if you have no previous experience. Instead trust a licensed and certified tree care professional.

According to Chipps Tree Care, a local Edmonton tree removal service, there are more dangers than just the tools required for the job. Additionally, you expose yourself to the risk of falling and sustaining serious injuries as you cut the tree. Further, tall trees that are close to electrical lines can fall back and hit the lines, or a small distraction may make you fall on those lines, leading to electrocution. Worst still, some trees could be harboring poisonous plants or insects, which could see you lying on the hospital bed. Professional tree removers understand all these risks and come prepared to handle the job. They have the right gear and conduct an inspection before they proceed with their work to ensure these risks are minimized. OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration) outlines the regulations that should be followed when dealing with such hazards.If you live in Edmonton, and you have a soft spot for local business that has built a sound reputation, Chipps Tree Care may just be the right company for your tree removal needs.

Another major hazard you are likely to experience when removing a tree is deadwood or rotting wood. If a tree is rotting, it means that it is unpredictable when falling and unstable. Such trees have unstable limbs and hollowed-out trunks that make it extremely difficult to employ power equipment without increasing the dangers. A professional tree removal company in Edmonton first assesses the risks involved and decides on the best way to remove the trees. If the dangers are too much, they use cranes. They also create sufficient space around and attach cords to ensure they direct the falling tree to the right area. Hire professionals skilled in tree removal services, including tree toping and stump grinding, to avoid injury or property damage. Your property value and the health of your family will be protected by the right tree care service.


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