Organize Your Garage in 5 Simple Steps

 Is your garage so cluttered you can’t even park your car anymore? Organization can seem daunting, but with a little discipline, some shelves, and a few overhead storage cabinets, you’ll be astounded by the difference.

Organize Your Garage in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Get Everything Out in the Open

 The first step to understanding how much you’ve accumulated is to bring it all out where you can see it. This might seem overwhelming at first, but it’ll help you visualize the amount of paring down you need to do and give you a good idea of the progress you’ve made.

  1. Decide What To Keep

 Set aside any items that serve a particular purpose or need in your home. There may be things that you want to keep just in case, but try to resist the urge to hold onto things that you’re not likely to ever use. Ask a few friends to help if this step is particularly difficult. Once you’ve determined what will be staying, donate or throw out everything else.

  1. Sort Items Into Piles

 Of the things you have left, divide them into categories, such as household tools, gardening items or cleaning products. You may have a separate pile just for miscellaneous items. At this stage, you might even discover you have too much of one category or even duplicate items. The more you get rid of, the easier it should be to stay organized.

  1. Install Storage Solutions

 With a clean slate in front you, it’s time to prepare for the finish line. Shelves and cabinets can be great additions, but don’t forget to maximize your vertical space too. Hanging racks or upper cabinets gives you the extra storage without taking away from the room down below.

  1. Put It All Away

 Now comes the fun part. Because you’ve already sorted everything you plan to store, it’s a simple process to choose where things will go and put them away. If you find that shelves are becoming cluttered, invest in some smaller storage bins to help keep objects tidy and separated.


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