Plumbers Deserve a Round of Applause

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When people think of glamorous jobs and adoring fans, plumbing rarely comes to mind. If you take time to think about it, plumbers really deserve a lot more attention and fanfare. After all, there aren’t many major league football players who’ll show up at your house in the middle of the night to replace your toilet. There certainly aren’t many corporate lawyers willing to slog through a flooded basement to repair your broken outside faucet in the spring. Television personalities? They won’t give your sinking front lawn a second thought.

The Real Celebrities

Do you know who will take care of you in those situations? Plumbers. While there are certainly plenty of horror stories about plumbing gone wrong, you can take steps to ensure a mutually beneficial situation. For example, if you don’t currently have a plumber, contact your local plumbing supply or fixture store. These professionals won’t work with unsatisfactory plumbers, so you can rely on them to refer you to better plumbing services.

Separate Fact From Fiction

Plumbers Deserve

You may have heard that you can save water by putting a brick in the toilet tank or that lemon peels into your disposal will keep it smelling fresh. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. That brick in the tank could prevent the toilet from flushing safely and chipped bits of brick are certainly not good for the tank. Lemon peels do smell wonderful at first, but you should run them through a food processor before sending them into the disposal.

If you want home improvement tips with reliable results, ask your plumber. Professionals from better plumbing services are more than willing to give you tips on improving water efficiency and how to save your appliances from wear and tear. For example, don’t use more laundry detergent than recommended, this will just gum up your washing machine. Also, a bit of dish soap and running cold water will leave your disposal smelling cleaner longer than a lemon peel.

Ask About the Water Shutoff Valve

Another important bit of advice that will cut down on work for the plumber and save your pocketbook is knowing where your home’s water shutoff valve is. An awful lot of water can come flooding into a home even when it’s just a tiny pipe that burst, let alone the flimsy washing machine hose. After all, one leaky faucet can generate more than eight gallons of water in one day.

The exact location of the shutoff valve is a question you might ask the plumber. Everything from your local building codes to the age of your home and even the climate in your community affects where the valves are located.

Fighting the Good Fight

In spite of the bad rap plumbers often get, these professionals are consistently willing to show up and finish jobs that other people don’t want to do. They may spend a few minutes solving the case of the dripping faucet or hours working on replacing the pipes in an older home. Plumbers offer advice and share home improvement tips, often giving suggestions to prevent further trouble and plumbing calls.


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